Members of the California Warehouse Association have access to regular reports that provide data on rice quality which is inspected by the official USDA designated private agency, California Agri Inspection Co. The reports below are posted to this website and shared with members at the general membership meetings:


To ensure the accuracy of California Agri Inspection Co. data, CWA also provides a report on data collected through a collaboration with a group of CWA members. A sample of rice is collected and split among the collaborative members who each test the rice. This data is compared to rest results gathered by FGIS and is plotted on a bar graph chart using an Olympic Average* of tests from all sources. This report is issued quarterly.


During the months when CWA does not provide Collaborative Grading Data, a report is provided by the USDA that incorporates California Agri Inspection Co. data and data from FGIS.

*Olympic Average means the average determined for a particular set of numbers which is calculated after excluding the single highest number within the set and the single lowest number within the set prior to ascertaining the average.

CWA Collaborative Grading Data

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February 2024

November 2023
August 2023
May 2023

Supplemental Grading Data

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March 2024

January 2024
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September 2023
March 2022 – July 2023

California Agri Inspection Documents and Reports

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Rough Rice Crop Average Data

September 25 – December 1, 2023